How do I know when my steak is cooked?
Clearly there is a lot of debate about the perfect steak. Actually nothing of the kind exists! Some people love it rare, others well done – and why not?
So a guide about how your steak is cooked is useful, and it takes a little practise.
How you know…

Buying beef steaks


Make sure your steak is even in depth all the way along, don’t buy steak that is wedge shaped.


It should be a minimum of 2 cm thick, about 3/4 inch.


Use rump, sirloin, but there are many other cuts that will easily fit the bill, so experiment.


Keep the steak at room temperature before cooking.


Use a hot pan with a little oil and a knob of butter.


Generally 6 minutes cooking, turning the steak every minute or so, will give a medium steak.

However, get to know how the steak feels when cooking. Use the hand guide.


Make an OK sign with your thumb and forefinger and feel the flesh below the thumb. This is like a rare steak.


Medium steaks are as above when the thumb is touching the ring finger.
Well done steaks are when the thumb touches the little finger.