So, the cheese book is out!

Easy Cheesemaking


After a lot, I mean a lot! of hard work, the little cheese book is out. It is a bit of a milestone for us because it’s the second book we have produced as an ‘Indy’ publisher, but it is the first one in colour.


We have a problem. We want to buy only British, not because we are particularly patriotic, but because we don’t see the ecological argument for printing in China, or Europe. Also we are very much on a show string, and therefore cannot afford not to get what we pay for as we would like it.


Anyway, because printing is 30 – 50% more expensive in the UK, we have to print smaller books in colour, and fewer of them.


The book itself is cool. Full of pictures, full of detail about making cheeses and is specifically designed for people to gain enough confidence to actually have a go.


So if you fancy a go, head along to the store and get your copy!