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Preserved Lemons

You really need to make preserved lemons, they are amazing, and completely useful when making various salads and tagines, as well as drinks! It seems to be a lot of salt, but it isn’t really, because you only use the chopped lemon as a condiment.
This is a fermented food ingredient, used in Moroccan cooking, salads, you name it really!


Preserved lemons are remarkably easy to make, though there are a number of recipes of differing complexity out there, but this way seems to be the easiest.




Lemon juice



How to do it

Before use, discard what is left of the pulp, wash the lemon and slice up the peel for addition to salad etc. You can keep the lemon piece whole, having washed it, if you are using in a tagine.



They are great chopped fine, having been washed, and added to a salad, and remember not to add any salt to your dish, and the food will be fine.


Of course, the salt doesn’t kill all the bacteria, and good bacteria grows to make this full of probiotics, a little like sauerkraut.


Preserved lemon is wonderful in a Tagine, and other North African and Turkish dishes.



Buying preserved lemons in the supermarket can be very expensive, and you can make a jar full for less than a pound! Save a fortune and have some great food.

Wash your lemons and serilise your containers



Slice the top of the lemon by about 5 mm and then almost cut the lemon in half long ways. Don’t cut all the way through, so your lemon is split and has 2 wings. Turn through 90 degrees and repeat, so now you have 4 wings.





Spoon non iodised salt between the lemon quarters, using about 2 dessert spoons  of salt per lemon.




Force the lemon into your jar and then repeat with more lemons until the jar is full. You will notice more juice coming out of the lemons.



Add a tablespoon of salt to the jar and fill with lemon juice.



Leave for a month.


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