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Home made baked beans – Boston style!

This recipe is as far removed from a tin of beans as a burger is from a T bone steak. They are amazing in flavour, completely healthy and you can use them in so many different dishes.


500 g Haricot beans


450 ml can tomatoes


2 tablespoons tomato puree


1/2 cup yellow mustard


1/2 cup dark brown sugar


1 1/2 cups water or stock


3/4 cup treacle or molasses


1/2 cup brandy


1 large chopped onion


1 green pepper, chopped


6 cloves of garlic or 3 teaspoons of garlic powder


200 g chopped bacon


1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce


1 dessert spoon tabasco

You can use any white bean for this recipe – indeed you can use beans grown in the garden too – it works well with broad beans, though it is a different consistency. It is also possible to mix your beans, or for extra dietary roughage, add some lentils!
You can put these in a sterilised jar, or freeze them. They can be simply warmed in a pan or the microwave.
How to do it

Put the haricot beans to soak in water overnight


Collect all your ingredients



Set the haricot beans to boil in fresh water and once boiling turn to a fast simmer for an hour



In a roasting pan on a low heat add a little oil, your onions, bacon, finely chopped pepper and the garlic and cook slowly

One by one add all the other ingredients to the onion bacon mixture and bring to a simmer


Drain the haricot beans, they should be soft and squashy to touch, though not all in a paste – each bean should be squashable but distinct


Add the beans to the sauce and stir together



Check for seasoning, you shouldn’t need much salt, if any at all but you might want some pepper


Bake for 2 hours at 300 F, 150 C, Gas 2


Check after an hour, and then after 2 hours. You are looking for the liquid to be absorbed by the beans, though leaving some sauce too


If the beans are too runny, return to the oven for another hour and check again, always have some hot water to hand just incase they are drying too much!

Why bother making your own beans?

These are not your average baked beans from a tin. They are a million times tastier and complex, and more to the point they are your beans.


You can vary the recipe – if it is too sweet, then use less sugar. I would cut on the dark brown sugar before I altered the amount of treacle / molasses.


Try adding sausage, pulled pork, or leave out the meat altogether adding courgettes and mushrooms instead.


You can alter the amount of tabasco, or leave it out altogether – some like it hot.


These delicious meals all use the same basic principles as this recipe,
so broaden your menu and try something new today!
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