About 2 days altogether


Makes as much as you like…you’ll see.


Fairly easy


Treat time!

Easy Pastrami

Pastrami is a kind of spicy corned beef, cured for a few days and then cooked. It can be smoked or simply baked and is really tasty.



Now we bought some sirloin steak for £20.00 that gave us a thirs for pastrami, a third for biltong and a big steak dinner too. Traditionally pastrami is made from brisket.



The cost of the piece we cut was around £5 – £6 and bought from the shops you can get 100 g for £1.65, which means our pastrami was something better than half price.

You will need



4 litres of water



300 g curing salt



150 g sugar



5 cloves of garlic



2 tablespoons black pepper



2 tablespoons mustard seed



1 tablespoon allspice



1 tablespoons coriander seeds



3 cloves



1 teaspoon ground ginger



1 teaspoon cayenne pepper



1 cinnamon stick



Beef – about 750 g of brisket is the traditional cut, but you can always get good deals on meat if you look around.



How to do it



You need a sanitised container with a lid



Add the water, and all the ingredients and stir to dissolve / mix everything



Place the meat in the solution and make sure it remains submerged with a plate



Leave for 3 days in the cure and then remove, wash out the container and the meat too



Place the meat into the drained container putting it back in the fridge for another day for the salt to equilibrise throught the meat



Cook the meat



You can hot smoke it if you like with apple wood in a bomb type BBQ, until the meat reaches 75ºC, 167ºF or you can bake at 170ºC, 325ºF, Gas 3 for about 2 hours or until the centre of the meat has reached 75ºC, 167ºF



Slice thinly and serve on bread with mustard!

From our shop

Sanitise your container and add 4 litres of water

Add all the ingredients except the beef

Give the mixture a stir to mix and dissolve the salt etc

Cure for three days, then cook as per instructions

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