2 hours cooking plus chilling


Big sausages – enough for a good week!




Treat time

Doctor Sausage from Russia

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Doktorskaya Kolbasa Doctor SausageThis is a simple sausage that took Soviet Russia by storm. In the early days of the USSR there were lots of food shortages, so the Russian Government sent a delegation to the USA to check out their sausage plants.


They settled on an exact facsimile of an Polony factory and along with doctors produced a sausage that was designed to help tummy problems as well as being nutritious. They decided on a simple recipe, no cereal, just meat salt and spices. The people loved this luxury sausage.


All was well until the late 1970’s when they decided to add cereal, and the resulting backlash, some say, led to the downfall of the Soviet Union.


500 g pork loin


500 g pork belly


500 g beef


1 tsp mace


1 tsp cardomon


25 g Continental Curing Salts


55 / 50 Beef middle casings

How to do it

Start by sanitising all your equipment and put your skins into cool water to soak. Change the water of the soaking skins a couple of times, and finally add a dribble of oil to the water to ease their passage onto the delivery tube.Once sanitised, set your grinder / stuffer ready for grinding.



Put the meat in the freezer for 30 minutes to chill before dicing into easy manageable pieces.



Grind the meat together with a 4 mm plate



Pop the ground meat in the fridge while you prepare the other ingredients. Mix all the other the ingredientswith the meat from the fridge in a large bowl.Stuff into beef middle casings.Cooked for 40 minutes in water at 80ºC.



Once cooked, allow them to cool and then refrigerate once cool enough.



They can be eaten as is, or refried. They should be consumed within 4 – 5 days, 6 if vacuum sealed.
Russian beer to swill it down!

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