2 hours


4 – 6 servings




Treat time

Simple Bratwurst Sausages

The archetypal German sausage that is either boiled, fried or baked. You need to judge the water content in order to make a good puree for stuffing. There are over 40 varieties of Bratwurst in Germany, and it simply means no waste, mixed. In other words, originally all the little off cuts were collected together and made into sausage.

Basic Filling


1kg pork shoulder (You can use 75% pork, 25% beef – as found in some recipes)


150ml ice cold water





17g fine kosher salt


10g sugar


3g white pepper


1 teaspoon caraway seeds



1/2 tsp each of ginger, mace, coriander




2 metres of hog casing, soaked for at least an hour and washed inside and out.

How to do it

Cube the meat into about 1.5cm pieces.



Chill the meat in the freezer for 30 minutes.



Grind the meat using the coarse plate and make sure the fat content is completely mixed.



Add all the seasonings and mix well.



Refrigerate for 30 minutes and regrind using the fine plate.



Test a sample for seasoning and then stuff into the hog casing if all is well.



Leave overnight for all the flavours to develop.



Some recipes say add some onion powder. You can grind half an onion into the mixture if you wish, but this is a basic recipe.



You can add to the recipe by grinding 4 cloves of garlic, or you can add 10g cayenne pepper.

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