Storing Your Home Grown Fruit and Vegetables


You have taken all year to grow your produce, make sure you don’t lose it in the storage!


From clamping to dark room storage, drying to bottling, shelving to curing, discover how to keep as much of your crop as you want

If you grow your own food you will be aware that the job’s not done when the harvest is gathered in. You have to make this bounty last all year through – until next year’s crop replaces it. This book explains how to store food in the traditional way, and then goes one step further and shows how you can grow your food in a way that will ensure it is in the best state for storing – an art that is lost to many of today’s gardeners and growers. The author focuses on methods by which the grower can keep vegetables and fruit for long periods without altering their fundamental form or flavour.

Contents: Introduction; 1. Extending the Growing Season; 2. How to Harvest; 3. Stopping Your Harvest from Spoiling; 4. Techniques: Clamps, Cellars and Sheds; 5. Techniques and Recipes for Preserving Food; 6. A-Z of Growing, Storing and Preserving Vegetables; 7. A-Z of Growing, Storing and Preserving Fruit; 9. Growing and Preserving Herbs for the Kitchen; Index.

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