About 60 minutes altogether


About 4 servings


Fairly easy


Treat time!

Tortelloni in chorizo and dolcelatte sauce


If you like a rich creamy sauce for your pasta – this is for you! It serves 4 people, and we use bought tortelloni.



2 packets of tortelloni



1 green chili



1 red pepper



120 g dolcelatte



200 g chorizo – chopped finely



2 cloves garlic



1/2 teaspoon oregano



300 ml double cream



100 ml dry white wine



30 ml milk



1 tablespoon soft cheese



Add chorizo, pepper and chill to a little oil in a pan then add the garlic



Stir and add wine (or sherry)



Cook for 5 minutes



Add cream and the cheese and dolcelatte.



Stir in



Add the cream and cook for a few minutes, adding the milk to thin if needed



Butter an ovenproof dish



Add cooked pasta and cover with the sauce.



Bake at 190ºC, 375ºF, Gas 5 for 25 minutes



Serve with garlic bread!

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