An Hour in the Garden Podcast No 59

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Gardening at dusk


You know it is wonderful to garden when the shift  changes from daytime bites getting their last meal of the day to voles and stoats waking up, along with the bats. You get a completely different point of view in the garden when you do.


It is always relaxing, sometimes lonely – except there are plenty of wild things mooching about. You can hear the badgers laughing – hope they don’t go near any livestock with a bad cough!


Creating a herbaceous border


We pulled out the overgrown hedge, and took all the roots out. Not an easy job. True to form the wild roses put down some amazing roots into the clay. They always do well in the clay do roses. Plenty of water for them.


The typical cottage garden regime, big at the back, small at the front, with a good mix of plants in-between, with as natural as possible planting.


Should I prune fruit trees now (Apples)?


Don’t do it! A person on the web asked if they should prune them now, and we think not. Much better to wait until the autumn when the tree is asleep.

Stuff we have in this week


We have been planting away, the vegetable garden hasn’t taken shape properly yet because we are still shifting hedge debris, and then of course there is the sand blasting sand, but that’s a different story.

Image of Arley Hall border by  Peter I. Vardy [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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