An Hour in the Garden Podcast No 56

We are looking at getting to grips with April! Though Easter Sunday was a good day we knew the 2nd of April would be a bad one so we decided to stay in the garden and do the podcast when it showed, and boy! It is snowing now. No matter!


We spent a lot of the day planting lily bulbs, dividing them up from their containers and planting them into the new beds we have created from the old hedge areas we have won for ourselves.



They go well with alliums and other summer cottage plants. It always interests me the difference between bulbs (swollen leaves) and corms, (swollen stems).



Dig a 6 inch (15 – 18 cm) hole and place the bulb inside, cover with rich compost and soil. Feed weekly in the summer.



Time also to divide hostas – use the double fork trick, and then simply replant the clumps.



Prune forsythia – lovely plant, makes for a lovely plant – clip and then cut – to new growth.



I always grow nasturtiums in pots for transplanting in the garden – yes for the colour, but also for the fruits, which can be pickled just like capers.



Time to plant Asparagus crowns, on little ridges in a trench, filled with goos loamy soil.



We discuss a little about potting on, you’re going to get busy very soon.



Please do send us your pictures and tell us what you are doing in the garden – email



Please also visit and look for Garden Newbie pages.



Have a great week in the garden- its going to be wettish and warmish – good growing weather.



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Reader’s Gardens


Betty Grindod sent these beautiful irises from 100 miles north of New York – in New York State.

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