An Hour in the Garden Podcast No 55

Lopping, herbs, seeds, and much more! What the micropile does, laying a path, compost and peat.


In this week’s podcast, Paul gets prickled to death and has his ear pierced by a dog rose! Blummin hurts too!


An Hour in the Garden No 55 – Lopping, herbs, seeds, and much more!



Well, it’s the end of March and we seem to have a Spring Day on out hands! MarvellousIn this week’s show we hack away at the conifers and Dog rose and get my ears pierced!



We look at a number of shade loving herbs and how to grow them.



What the micropyle does in a seed.



The substance on a seed that delays or inhibits germination – and no it’s not put there by seed merchants!



The fence is up – well, part of it is.



Building a path and a new raised bed and can we use railway sleepers to make one – yes, here’s how.



Not using peat based compost and much more….



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Please Please Please let us know what you are doing in your garden and maybe a photograph???



Eva Larsson


Eva wrote to us from Sweden, here are some of the seeds she has started off in her polytunnel:

Kate from Kentucky


Kate was in the depths of winter one minute, then she was into Spring! Weather and nature is pretty much the same everywhere!

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