Pippin and whey

So, I made some Halloumi, using 9 litres of milk, so my poor cheesecloth was a bit full. I drained it as usual in the cheesecloth in a colander over a pan to collect whey and then I put it on a hook over the pan.

For reasons I won’t go into I had to put the pan on the floor. I already had collected enough whey to finish the halloumi so I wasn’t going to keep the rest of it.


The pan filled up, I collected the curds for pressing, which I do between two chopping boards and a good weight on it. (Actually I used a kettle bell, it gives a good pressing and it’s really compact.)

But I forgot to move the pan.


Then, the dog, Pippin, Border Collie, drank the whey left behind.


Ten minutes later he vomited the whey and his dinner all over the carpet. Oomph!


Then, overnight he had the squits. It must have exploded, it was everywhere, and took a long time to clean up, and it put me off my breakfast!


Moral of the story – don’t leave whey for Pippin to drink.

I read on the web that it should have been fine, but some pages described the exact symptoms. They suggested that some dogs are lactose intolerant and whey has lactose in it.


Anyway, my fault for leaving it out for him to drink.