Kitchen Newbie is about learning, not just experiencing

I just listened to Rick Stein on the television doing for Mexican food what he did for European food, for Indian food, for Chinese food. Jut wondering where next. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like Rick and his cooking, but it is all a bit zeitgeist. Rick and most if not all the television food output is about experiencing. The food of the restaurant, the food of other countries, the food of the obscure, fast food, slow food, the food of the moment, food that isn’t worth eating without the hit, the sauce, the ultimate, the freshest, the best.

For Kitchen Newbie it’s the opposite that motivates what we do. If all we leave our children the ability to eat at the burger bar, the restaurant, to open a packet or a tin, to microwave, to call for a takeaway, a pizza or a curry, then we have left them nothing.

Food is one of the markers of impoverishment. If you don’t know how to cook, you are impoverished indeed – especially in times of food abundance. Fancy having produce available and not knowing what to do with it.

It’s the same in the garden. The average garden can produce so much. It won’t feed you all the year round, but it will improve your life so much. Freshness, flavour, knowing what is in your food, exercise and fitness from working in the garden, then the knowledge needed – easily learned – to cook the food in so many ways, and the wonder of actually doing something so remarkable as planting a seed and getting something wonderfully edible at the end!

So that’s Kitchen Newbie, but it’s not just for new cooks, it’s for everyone because we are all learning all the time. So hat’s off to Rich Stein – he’s teaching us something, you can make these recipes at home, so I’ll be buying the book – that’s one sale Rick!