I made the Chicken Marsala from the Recipe for the day

Some reflections on Chicken marsala – first impressions it that it is a lot of flavour for your bucks!



Here is the recipe…

It’s not hard, especially if you get everything ready first, then you are almost just tipping it into the pan. Simple really.


Make sure you have the ingredients! Stupid question you say? But it’s not. Of course I had everything on my spice rack! Of course I didn’t need to buy anything did I!


Erm, lesson 1, check your spice rack before you start to cook!


Covering the melting butter with the spices was easy enough, then in with garlic, ginger and two chopped onions. It is here that the butter vanishes, and so you might want to be ready to add a little more. Actually, if you have ghee, that is just as good.


Once the onions are translucent, any you need to turn the heat down to stop the garlic burning and becoming bitter, you can add the chicken – cut into smallish pieces. I much prefer thigh meat than breast, it is oilier and therefore has more flavour.


Lesson 2, I must stop forever tasting stuff while it’s cooking. I got a lump of chili powder, and then all other tastings were pointless.


The tomatoes finished the dish and it was then cooked for an hour on a low light. Really lovely, so they tell me – all I can taste is the chilli powder. That’ll teach me!