1 hour – well, most of it is cooling


Used as a condiment




Eaten with other foods – mostly burgers!

Bread and butter pickles

In the American depression of the 1903’s, people found food difficult to come by. One way of making a little go a long way was to make bead and butter pickle. This is not bread and butter, pickled, but a pickle of cucumbers and spices which were eaten on bread and butter – a whole lot better than simply eating bread and butter without any filling at all!


But now they are used mostly with other foods, sometimes fish, but mostly burgers!


500 ml white vinegar


1 tablespoon salt


1 clove


3 garlic cloves


125 ml water


1 tablespoon sugar


2 chopped cucumbers

How to do it

Slice a couple of cucumbers and cover with a tablespoon of salt. Rub into all the cucumbers and leave over a bowl in a fridge for at least two hours to draw off water.


You can rinse the salt away after a couple of hours ready for the next stage.


Put the ingredients into a pan (except the cucumbers) and warm slowly so the sugars etc melt. Then bring to the boil.


Add your washed cucumbers to the boiling brine and cook for 5 – 10 minutes if they are to be kept for a long time. If they are to be used straight away, just remove from the heat.


Spoon into a sterile jar, fill the jar with the brine, set the lid and allow to cool before storing.


Keep for two days before trying, though they are amazing straight away!


You can use gherkins too. Add a little onion if you like, and maybe even a small red chilli for a little colour and a lot of heat!


These delicious meals all use the same basic principles as this recipe,
so broaden your menu and try something new today!