Bacon and egg pie

We have managed without a blog for some time because mostly we cannot get the system we use to correctly post a blog, which is a bit daft when you consider it is a blog system.

Anyway, here goes with a new way of doing it!



Ages ago, actually a decade ago, we made up a recipe for a bacon and egg breakfast pie, and it keeps on cropping up all over the internet. It’s amazing how people start with an idea and others run with it. Our recipe had the equivalent of fried bread in a ring – actually, it was some bread cut out and brushed with oil. Inside this there was some bacon, partially cooked, and then an egg. This was then set in the oven and it because the ‘Breakfast Pie’.


This version does not have the bread, but it does have the egg and bacon. I dare say you could add some mushrooms or even black pudding. You could be really cheffy and cut out identical discs of bacon, black pudding, egg white, mushroom (the Portabello ones) and partly cook them all and then top the lot with an egg yolk before popping into the oven and basically serving up a bit of a tower.


Not tried this yet, but I think I can feel a bit of creativity coming on.


This way of cooking bacon, by the way, the picture was cooked in a silicone cup cake case. It works best with fatty bacon because the fat renders and makes the ‘pie’ fit into the mould more easily. I know it is silicone, but I also grease it too – just to be sure the whole thing doesn’t fall apart when serving.


One of the problems is the egg. It is difficult to get the yolk runny, it frequently sets hard. This might be fine for some, but for me I like a runny egg. This can be solved by cooking the white with the bacon and adding the yolk about 2 – 3 minutes before the cooking time is over.